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Care agency clapham south london live in care support at home

Questions To Ask A Homecare Agency To Determine The Right Fit

What questions do I need to ask to find the perfect homecare agency?

We have taken time to list a series of questions to help you decide how to find the best homecare agency no matter where your are located. As a helpful guide we have answered these questions for you below:

How long have you been established?

Holistic Community Care was founded by Daniel Afeeva in 1995. In 2018 we are celebrating our 23rd anniversary. Daniel previously worked for the NHS in the UK for 20 years prior to this, demonstrating 43 years of experience to date (not including the experience of our staff and managers).

How many geographical locations does your agency have?

Currently our care agency has two offices, one in Clapham and the second in Crayford, Kent. The geographical areas we cover could be generally referred to as South London areas – though we also provide services in the London boroughs of Ealing and Richmond.
Live-in care services can be provided anywhere within the M25.

What different care services do you offer?

Our bank of staff are highly experienced in Live In CareDomestic Support Services, Personal Care, Grooming and Bathing, Social Care and Respite Care Services,

We maintain a high threshold for employment as a Holistic careworker,, ensuring our jobs are offered to kind hearted people with a strong emphasis on our company ethos:

  • Continuing to develop our holistic approach to care regardless of the specialist sector (see above)
  • Demonstrating the improvement in the quality of life of our clients under our care
  • Ensuring a kindhearted approach in everything that we do
  • Continually being sensitive at all times to every need of our clients
  • Striving to maintain the highest quality of holistic care services at all times

How do you maintain a continual positive experience?

When people find themselves potentially housebound. we understand exactly what it’s like to have the Four Wall Syndrome and we coach our staff in the finer points of conversation, camaraderie and overall friendliness and dedication. We are proud of our care workers as they all naturally display personality traits of compassion, sensitive humour and professionalism at all times.

How does in-house care differ to care homes?

In-house care is often a preferable alternative to care homes, allowing our clients to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. This helps to maintain a genuine peace of mind by having the security of knowing exactly the time of day that our care nurses will be arriving, enhancing the timely expectations of welcomie company that’s expected on time. Many studies have shown that individuals have a higher quality of life and greater sense of well-being when they remain in their own homes for as long as possible, as compared to those who relocate to a care home.

What if I’m hesitant about booking staff I’ve never met?

The first stage point of call is to give our friendly and trained care management team a call
on 0208 099 8910 to enquire about the private support services that are what’s best suited to
for you – alternatively, you can message us via our Contact Form

Our team members will then visit you in your home environment to gain an idea of the nature of the support required. Based on what you tell us you need, a detailed care support plan will be produced by our expert field care supervisors, for your approval.

Once we have spoken to you over the phone, the next step would be to take advantage of our no-obligation trial offer for the care you are wish to receive. If you want to try our services at a discounted rate you can take advantage of our offer of a trial period of two hours’ of care for the price of one hour. This allows you to see for yourself the dedication and skills our Care Workers put into practice every single day.

Trial Offer
Contact us and mention code ‘November’ to receive our trial offer.

Our track record of providing more than three million hours of care means that we are confident that we can meet your care needs. However, we believe that when it comes to something as important as choosing your careprovider, you should have the chance to have a no-obligation, discounted, 2-for-1 trial care package of the services on offer, so that you can judge for yourself.

That’s why we offer all potential private clients the chance to receive a two-hour introductory care package for the price of one hour’s worth of care.

Just let us know what your care needs are and we’ll create a 2-for-1 trial care package that is right for you.

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss arranging a 2-for-1 introductory trial care package, please get in touch on 0208 099 8910 and we’ll be happy to talk through your options.


Care agency clapham south london live in care support at home